Domestic Cleaning

Malgon Group offers household cleaning services in the areas of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen. Our company offers cleaning services for apartments and flats. This service is best suited for busy people or those who do not want to waste time on mopping floors. With us you will save your time and energy!

House cleaning includes cleaning of rooms, toilets kitchens, bathrooms, halls, corridors and also washing smaller items such as cornices, air conditioning, spotlights, etc.

Halls, rooms, corridors cleaning includes the following:

  • Cupboards and furniture cleaning
  • Furniture wiping with a cloth
  • Dry carpet cleaning, upholstered furniture vacuuming
  • Dust and dirt removing from exterior surfaces
  • Sport removal from doors, doors frames
  • Clean chairs and tables carefully
  • Dust removing from baseboards and windowsills
  • Glass surface cleaning
  • Stains and dust removal from mirror surfaces
  • Stars cleaning
  • Debris removal from waste bins

Kitchen and bathroom cleaning includes:

  • Wet floor cleaning
  • Mirrors and glass surfaces cleaning
  • Sanitary cleaning
  • Dispensers filling
  • Debris removal from waste bins and their cleaning when necessary