Commercial Cleaning

For many enterprises and firms professional cleaning is a necessity, because a clean office is the key to reputation, status and image of the company.

Our cleaning company offers a comprehensive cleaning of all kinds for:

  • Offices and buildings
  • Retail spaces
  • State properties
  • Airports, train stations, restaurants, cafes, rest, restaurants, shops, hotels, etc.
  • Apartments and cottages, etc.

The most common services for commercial organizations is a comprehensive daily cleaning service. Complete cleaning of premises and offices implies that the purity will contain not only the immediate work area, but also stairs, hallways, toilets and adjoining areas.

Daily complex cleaning includes the following:

  • Dry carpet cleaning, vacuuming
  • Wet cleaning of hard surface floors
  • Dust and dirt removing from exterior surfaces
  • Sport removal from doors, doors frames
  • Clean chairs and tables carefully
  • Dust removing from baseboards
  • Dust removal from windowsills
  • Glass surface cleaning
  • Stains and dust removal from mirror surfaces
  • Debris removal from waste bins and their cleaning when necessary